Blue homespun and the bend of my breast

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Yet, traditionally, Advent is a time of silent waiting, of reflecting and fasting, of anticipating the Messiah. There is no busier time in the calendar than that of Christmas time. If you are a mother you have that daunting task of providing Christmas for the entire family: shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, hosting, decorating — the desire to create lovely traditions and memories that will accompany our children into adulthood.

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Yesterday I posted a poem. What is a poem, and why would I write one, and why would I share one, imperfect as it is? Are poetry and art, theology and evangelism mutually exclusive?

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December 13, by Rev. Paul McKay. I love this advent poem and commend the poetry of Luci Shaw to anyone who may be unfamiliar with her beautiful writing.

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Advent Devotional. Psalm 61 Psalm 62 Isaiah John Revelation The first two weeks of the season saw me pour over devotionals, books, and blogs—gathering words to make me feel Advent more poignantly.

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Christmas is stage and spectacle—lighting, costumes, song, set and dance. It features hammy acting Oh I just love this pair of candy cane stockings! Xmas is about transformation.

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Blue homespun and the bend of my breast keep warm this small hot naked star fallen to my arms. Now nearness satisfies the body of God sweetly. Quiet he lies whose vigour hurled a universe.

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You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. It finds its focus in Jesus Christ, the Son of God: incarnate in our world, crucified for our sake, risen to new life and ascended into Glory. Pentecost 2 For you are all one in Jesus Christ.

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Another year is dawning; Dear Father, let it be In working or in waiting, Another year with Thee; Another year of progress, Another year of praise, Another year of proving Thy presence all the days. Another year of mercies, Of faithfulness and grace, Another year of gladness In the shining of Thy face; Another year of leaning Upon Thy loving breast; Another year of trusting, Of quiet, happy rest. Another year of service, Of witness for Thy love, Another year of training For holier work above.

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I actually have had some correspondence with our next Christmas poet, Luci Shaw b. Several years ago I hopefully sent her some doggerel that I hoped she would praise ecstatically. In an act of kindness she wrote back to me that my poems neither sang nor danced and that I would benefit from a course on writing.

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Christmastime is a season marked by many beloved and enduring traditions. But no ritual dominates American Christmas celebrations like gift giving. For many of our friends and neighbors this means going to great lengths financially, incurring substantial debt. The pressure to find the right gift can be enormous.