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Belle teaches her own how she can actually make it up to her friends before departing. Clover, Mia and Robin manage to locate and chase the thief, but unable to get the amulet back. Sofia and Calista going to spend some time with Sofia's witches friends on Holloween while the witches think Calista will be a drag on them as she is too young. However, this amulet is coveted by the kingdom's royal sorcerer Cedric, who wants to use its power to take over Enchancia. They fly to the Secret Library castle entrance.

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There, she befriends the troll who returned her kite, Narly, and a toddler troll named Teeny.

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Sofia the First

When Cedric tries to take advantage, Sofia helps Crackle to reclaim her ability and save the kingdom. He turns the merry-go-round James and Amber are on into winged unicorns. Sofia's friends then have a plan: When Vor and her crystal knights march through the village with her sidekicks Wormwood and Twitch , they will trap them there.

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