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caligula fist scene
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After I got aroused by a sex scene it cuts to a head being cut off. Labels: , Caligula , Cinema Extreme. People throws fruits and vegetables to the heads to humiliate them. Newer Post Older Post Home. He killed his father in his deathbed to success him, and killed his right-hand man to clear any threats for his power, and started his tyranny rule. The guy is getting fisted up his ass. But there are movies that are so offensive, that it ceases being entertaining and become an endurance to sit through the end.

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The machine is like a huge wall with mowers at the bottom, without the safety shield.

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Caligula fisting scenes

Many film critics have bashed this film as trash, but I think they just could not get over with the overwhelming sex and heartless torture. It shows how human lifes were insignificant by showing people gone through such big way to build such a machine to just kill for entertainment. Victims were buried in the ground leaving only their heads on the floor. What is special about this movie is its portrayal of the exaggerated Ancient Roman Empire.

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