Chloe lamb

chloe lamb
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Her two best friends Skyler and Madi went but we had to eat alot of pizza to make up for the missing guests. After a long history with the bounty hunters, she left the group to pursue her own musical desires and dreams. They weren't quite sure what to change it to, but then they came up with an idea. Chloe hated the name: The Computer Class. They weren't really heroes or villains, they were more like selective bounty hunters. He fell for the trap that Chloe set up, and was taken down.

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Gianna. Age: 28.
chloe lamb

She had no idea why Dillon chose it, and neither did Ariana.

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Azariah. Age: 20.
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She and Ariana continued the Computer Class, taking in new recruits and taking down enemies. Sign In Don't have an account? It made more sense once Dillon explained the capital letters.

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