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Darya tells Erica that she met with Anna and deceitfully tells her that she had sex with Anna. After Christine sees Jack another time, he calls her, but she had never given him her number. She and her estranged step-daughter Kayla are relocated to a small town in New Mexico where they are guarded by U. Erica sees Anna as a client and asks her about her life as an escort. Retrieved December 12, Christine attends an office party at David's house.

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Back in Chicago, Christine continues her escort work and has a photo shoot done.

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She then stages the scene to look like Olsen killed the two men while protecting her. Darya then breaks up with Erica, leaving Erica emotionally broken. She travels to Toronto to see new clients. Christine and David go out for drinks and they later end up at his apartment he reveals he's having marital problems.

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