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He was so ebullient and thrilled to introduce me to his wife. There were these great, smart, strong women who wrote for the magazine back in the day…We were owned by men; none of them were on board with a feminist magazine. Douglas Lambert wanted to give Playboy a run for its money. They were in a lot of denial. At first, the magazine didn't overtly market to gay men. That's a bold initiative for a product you could buy while on a diaper run or pumping gas.

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Rivka. Age: 28.
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Now, women could compare men's bodies just as men compared women's.

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Ainsley. Age: 24.
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Marin called and said, "The one that I chose shows a bit of… you. Nicole Caldwell : We would sit in the conference room with the [men] and they'd be saying, "Women don't watch porn. Gone are the days of stories on breast cancer and marital rape, and interviews with Maya Angelou.

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