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Feeling your way around makes it that much hotter. How to: Have you partner get on all fours and kneel right behind them, grinding your hips against their butt. If you want to get in on the fun, have your partner reach back and finger you too. How to: Have your partner lie on their side and straddle one of their legs so your clits rub together. Stay here if you're feeling selfish, but if you're a giver, bend forward and lick, kiss, and suck gently on their clitoris, while they do the same to you.

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Mia. Age: 23.
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How to: Similar to The Espresso, except your partner sits in a chair.

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Averi. Age: 31.
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31 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions

If you're feeling up to it, have them move your head or tell you exactly where they want your mouth to be. This allows for more direct contact between you two, without those pesky legs getting in the way. Straddle one of their legs put your outside knee on the bed and hold their hands for leverage and grind your pubic bone against theirs. Sit on them so your clits rub together.

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