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Season 1 is particularly full of scenes with a topless Emmy Rossum. The sex scenes in Empire are perhaps not always so much graphic as they are intensely hot. TV has also reached a moment in time where homosexual sex is being normalized and portrayed with the same amounts of graphic realism as heterosexual sex. Of course, this being Noah's version of events, Alison is staring right back at him with unadulterated pleasure. The latter might not have been as graphic as some, but it was definitely hot.

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Lila. Age: 29.
weeds all sex scenes

Most graphic sex scene: Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell , only older and much wiser has sex with escaped-from-suburbia drug-dealing housewife Nancy in a dirty dive bar.

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Juniper. Age: 20.
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These 16 Shows Gave Us Some of the Best Sex Scenes on TV

But we've come a long way, baby, and TV shows are all about the sex. Season 1 is particularly full of scenes with a topless Emmy Rossum. Quirky, dirty and hilarious, this series could balance jaw-dropping sex alongside high-end hilarity and sometimes even combine the two. Most graphic sex scene: As the first gay male sex scene ever televised in the U.

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