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C leopatra is having a remake. Her nose is hooked and eagle-like, her chin juts out and her forehead is short. But even if the nose-deniers are right and she actually had a Kate Middleton ski-jump, Cleopatra wanted people to see her as a woman with a strong, long profile.

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I got my first inkling that I didn't possess a button nose at the age of 9. My mother was taking a photography course at the local college and used my sister and me as models. We posed at a mall among the mannequins, at the ends of tunnel slides at the park, and dangling from monkey bars with freakishly serious looks on our faces.

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There is a reason men take a certain pride in having big feet in the way that they don't, say, a big hand or nose. And that's because they know it makes other people think they have a big penis. Alas, the clown-feeted among us can quit smugly declaring 'I take a 12!

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All rights reserved. Male proboscis monkeys Nasalis larvatus have highly exaggerated noses—a potent cue for attracting mates and determining social status. Among the primates, the males that most resemble Cyrano de Bergerac have the best shot of playing Casanova.

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Nose fetishism[1] nose partialismor nasophilia [2] [3] is the partialism or paraphilia for the nose. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific form of physical variation of appearance such as shape and sizeor a specific area for example; the bridge or nostrils. The fetish may manifest itself in a desire for actual physical contact and interaction, or specific fantasies such as the desire to penetrate the nostrils.

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Introduction Patterns Mechanisms Descent with modification Mechanisms of change Genetic variation Mutations The causes of mutations Gene flow Sex and genetic shuffling Development Genetic drift Natural selection Natural selection at work What about fitness? Sex can introduce new gene combinations into a population and is an important source of genetic variation. You probably know from experience that siblings are not genetically identical to their parents or to each other except, of course, for identical twins.

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But a new social media campaign called SideProfileSelfie is trying to alleviate that pressure by spotlighting large noses in an effort to ease the stigma. Women all over the world responded by tweeting pictures of themselves using the hashtag and embracing their "big noses. For women like Anna Woolston, 39, growing to love her nose has been a long journey that is still a work in progress.

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From ancient Egyptian priests to nineteenth century Europeans, cultures have been noting the significance of the nose forever. Leonardo Da Vinci even believed that the nose determined the character of the whole face in his paintings. Why should your next boyfriend have a large nose? Oh, let us count the ways.

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